Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Create a solar chandelier for your garden

by Debra Anchors

Using a chandelier found in the attic of a local antique store, I created this charming feature for my cottage-inspired garden.

Materials needed:

  • A chandelier to upcycle.  I found mine in the attic of a resale shop on our historic Main Street, but I often see them at yard sales and flea markets.
  • Canning jars of appropriate size and number for the base of your fixture  – those in my picture are pint size.
  • Spray paint that will adhere to metal and be weatherproof.
  • Inexpensive outdoor solar lights (you will be taking these apart and re-purposing them).
  • A rubber-based, waterproof, permanent bonding agent that will adhere to glass and metal.


  1. Strip the wiring and any other unwanted attachments from your fixture.
  2. Clean the chandelier well and allow it time to dry completely.
  3. Hang the chandelier and apply the paint; I applied more than one coat to enhance durability. 
  4. Take the solar lights apart; you will use only the top containing the solar cell, battery and pin light.
  5. Glue the solar tops to the glass jars using a rubber-based, permanent bonding agent, and allow the glue to dry thoroughly per package instructions.
  6. Glue the canning jars to the chandelier base. 
Note:  For convenience, I have embedded links into the materials list & instructions that will take you to the products used in this project.

Recycle, upcycle and do it yourself? Absolutely! Have you upcycled something unique for your garden from recycled materials? Please share it with me so I can feature your creation here.

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  1. I love this! I have passed up so many chandeliers. May grab one next time I see one at a sale. Would make nice gifts as well for my daughters.

    1. I am happy you enjoyed the article!

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